Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free Elk Photography Workshop at Color Fest October 26 & 27

I will be doing a free elk photography workshop at Color Fest at 2 PM each day of October 26th and 27th. You should call the Ponca Elk Education Center and reserve your seat at 870-861-2432.

This workshop will be every bit as useful as any you would pay for. I like to teach, and I do share secrets of how I get elk photos that often are "wall hangers". The reason I get them is my approach, composition, elk location strategies, and understanding of elk movements.

Big Bull Elk (Boxley Beast) Bugling by Rubbing Tree
Boxley Beast, RIP Old Buddy
One of my participants last year said "you told us everything, nobody expected that". Well you can expect that. You will get the benefit of my 7 year obsession about elk photography.

The truth is I care as much about you getting a great photo as I do about getting my own. There are basic strategies to kicking your photography "up a notch" and you will learn them at this workshop.

I like to interact with my attendees. For a period of my life I was a professional trainer for one of the big 6 training companies so speaking and teaching is second nature for me. Your questions on anything about wildlife photography will be welcome.

If it interests anyone, I will do a follow-on section on post processing -- what to do after you get the picture of your elk. My emphasis will be on workflow I like a lot. This is not an advertisement though, it is about methods and issues and solutions. I don't do teasers and play bait-and-switch games.

If there are enough attendees, I may have to schedule a second session each day. I need you to sign up so we can manage demand. This workshop draws from a few states, so sign up early.

See you there. Bring your camera, you might need it to understand settings and so on, but nothing is set in stone. I will adapt my workshop to fit those who attend.

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