Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bull Fight Picture

Bull Elk Fight 10/28/12 Near Ponca, ARFirst bull fight picture of today's fight. This was a real fight and not sparring. Also a black and white version. This was a tough shoot because the light was straight at us with a frosty field. I had to spot meter at +1 stop to open up the shadows. 
This unusual moment caught the two bulls nose-to-nose, and making eye contact up close. I have never seen quite this kind of shot. Obviously nobody could time this shot either. 

Bull Fight Boxley Valley 10/28/12, Black and WhiteI think I like the photo as well in black and white. These extreme lighting conditions cause all sort of color casts that are difficult to control in post processing. These interpretations were done pretty fast. For some reason Blogger puts a cyan cast on the frosty grass. It is probably one of those web-safe color issues. 


  1. Great shot Michael! I think the cyan cast gives it a little more of an antique look; Love it.

  2. Dang, I missed this one. I was hiking up the river on the south end at this time. Maybe I'll get the next one this coming Sunday, :)

  3. I was ready to hike the river but Greg was in the area I had planned to go. So, I fell into this fight. It was pretty nice and lasted about 10 minutes. Lots of unique poses. I will be processing it for days.


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