Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Elk Photo of the Week -- River Crossing & Drinking

Sometimes you get real lucky. I hand-held this shot at about 150 yards in mixed light and it came out OK. I believe placing a wild animal in its habitat while exhibiting some of its normal activity tells a story. In fall color it is embellished.

I had pre-visualized this picture, today I got it. I wanted an elk reflection with the animal wading kind of deep. I had to wait an hour on a trail for anything to happen. Patience matters a lot in animal photography. You have to accept the fact that often your best guess is not enough.


  1. Thanks Andy,so many things had to come together that I can't take credit for anything except playing the percentages. I wasn't sure the elk were even on the trail I was watching, then the biggest one waded in and posed. This might be my best this year, and it is mostly luck and grinding. A lot harder than field shots, but when you get lucky, they are wall hangers. I have my copy ordered already. I will show you some spots like I said I would. I would like to see you get these chances.

  2. I can't wait. I looked for you last weekend, but didn't see you, so went up myself to try to cut off a herd. We waited for quite a while, only got this shot........!i=2135334433&k=f5d9gCK&lb=1&s=XL

    It's not the best, but it'll do for my first. I'll be down again this sunday, and will most likely spend most of the day down in Boxley. So if we run in to each other then, I'll be up for it


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