Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/12 Elk Herd Locations & Report

Elk viewing this morning was difficult due to heavy fog. There were a number of elk herds out, and going forward weather is transitioning to cold weather by the weekend. This means elk viewing should be improve steadily. Rainy weather will only improve viewing unless there are thunderstorms.
It is still a little too early to call the weekend weather except the temperatures in the 50's.

Today's elk herd locations are below:

10/24/12 Elk Herd Location Map


  1. Will be in the area this weekend. Can you tell me the best times of day to see elk? Thanks so much for such a great site!

    1. From daybreak to 8 AM, and from 5 PM to dark. These times expand in cold weather and could expand to all day viewing. This is pretty reliable as a guide.

      The best viewing is early when the animals are close to the road in most cases. Evenings are easier for photography because of the light.


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